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Document Management
for Finance & Accounting
Discover how Keeley Travis and DocuWare can transform your processes today.

To be truly agile a business needs each of its departments to be operating at peak efficiency, not least its accounting department. The core processes of accounts payable and receivable need to be secure and error free so a company knows where it stands from a financial point of view at all times.

This is simply not achievable with manual, paper-based operations. Invoices need to be matched with purchase orders, approvals can take too long and vital information can go missing or take time to piece together.

With a document management system you can avoid all these issues by going paperless, replacing the manual processes with automated workflows, centralising all documentation in digital format and, if required, integrating with existing systems.

Your accounting department will be more efficient, information will be instantly accessible, shareable and secure, you will have a complete picture of your financial position whenever you need it.

As an approved DocuWare partner, choosing Keeley Travis to implement a document management system and workflow automation in your accounts department ensures you will receive:

  • A bespoke solution to meet your exacting requirements
  • First class service with ongoing support from specifying your needs through development to installation and beyond
  • Full training for nominated staff

Our document management solution is revolutionising not only internal departments like accounts and HR but whole industries, including legal, education and healthcare.

Why do accounting departments use DocuWare?

  • All documents are digitised and indexed to meet audit requirements with ease
  • Full document control and instant search and retrieval
  • Meets the requirements of the FSCA and other regulatory bodies
  • Improves Return on Investment (ROI) and automates processes
  • Limits risk of loss, damage, access, or theft of documents and is fully trackable
  • Access provided to users based on job role
  • Real-time version control with previous versions stored ensures users are working with the most up-to-date documents
  • Automatic matching of incoming and outgoing invoices, purchase orders and delivery notes
  • Automated payment and PO approvals based on YOUR criteria
  • Complete transparency and audit trails
  • Easy integration with existing software (ie, Sage)
Document Management for Finance & Accounting

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Why choose Keeley Travis?

Approved DocuWare Consultants

As the consultant for DocuWare in Manchester, Keeley Travis can provide you with a bespoke solution that matches your business’ requirements. We will work with you to determine what you need and then provide ongoing support through set up and beyond.

Top-quality support

The Keeley Travis team is always on hand to answer any queries you have or resolve what few issues may arise. You can rest easy knowing we’re only a phone call or email away and our staff are trained to help you.

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