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ROI Calculator

See how much you could save with DocuWare

Our document management solution could save your business hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in time wasted on laborious paperwork, manual data entry, filing and coument retrieval. 

Use our ROI calculator to see just how much. Enter your best estimates in the fields on the left and you will see the saving DocuWare could make for you. 

If you like what you see, enter your email address and hit the button at the bottom of the calculator and one of our specialists will get in touch to arrange a demo or answer your questions. 

How we calculate

We’ve based our calculations on averages taken from DocuWare’s own research into paper-based processes, as follows:

  • 4 mins to file a document
  • 3 mins to search for a document
  • 3 minutes to approve a document

With DocuWare:

  • 30 secs to file
  • 30 secs to search
  • 30 secs to approve

We have assumed a 20 working day month.

Complete the fields on the left and we’ll do the rest.

DocuWare ROI Calculator
EG. Your accounts team
EG. Your accounts team + managers/directors
EG. Incoming invoices
EG. Invoices and purchase orders
EG. All invoices or invoices over a certain value
EG. The hourly pay of just one of your accounts admin team

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